About the FILKAB group

We, the companies of the FILKAB Group have been working in the last 19 years in three main areas: trade in electrical materials, production of electrical products and project implementation. We offer complete solutions, competent consulting, high-quality servicing and specialized services. Our engineering solutions are successfully applied in sectors such as power industry, construction, and communications.


Throughout the years of our growth, we have built and still maintain excellent business relations with many Bulgarian and European suppliers, which enables us to offer products and services under the best conditions.
4004 Plovdiv, 92 Komatevsko shose str.
тел.: +359 32 277 171
е-mail: office@filkab.com
FILKAB AD is the biggest trade company within the Group that has won a place among the leaders on the Bulgarian market of goods and services in the field of electrical engineering, with a reputation of reliable and responsible partner. We develop our business in three main areas: trade, production and project implementation. We provide a complete and quality servicing, as well as a specialized service. Our long-standing customers are companies and businesses operating in the electrical installation, construction and commerce, and such related to power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, as well as in the RES and communications industry. 

Through the years of its development, FILKAB AD has established excellent business relationships with many renowned Bulgarian and European producers enabling us to provide products, services and customer service under the best conditions. 

In addition, we are proud winners of many industry awards and medals that we have deservedly earned over the years. They motivate us to develop and realize our vision.
Engineering EAD
4004 Plovdiv, 92 Komatevsko shose str.
тел.: +359 32 608 144
е-mail: engineering@eng.bg

Engineering EAD is the company with most numerous personnel within the FILKAB group of companies. It started its operation with services in the field of electrical installation for various project in Bulgaria, but in 2014, due to expansion of its business, the Engineering department turned into a separate company dealing with production and complete engineering services. It has licenses for the manufacture of type tested switchboards of leading European producers. The company has modern-day workshops with advanced equipment and technologies, own transport and the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out its operations.

The company develops its business in two main areas: complete engineering services and production. The company offers design, production, delivery and installation of complete electrical equipment for the construction business, as well as, automation of production lines and equipment for the manufacturing industry. It also provides design, production, delivery and installation of PV projects and lighting equipment for industrial, street, office, and park applications. 

4004 Plovdiv, 92 Komatevsko shose str.
тел.: +359 32 277 298
е-mail: office@filkab.solar

FILKAB Solar OOD offers a wide-range portfolio of products and equipment for the implementation of facilities for production and storage of electricity from renewable energy sources. The successful partnerships with leading European producers of photovoltaic modules, solar inverters, charge controllers and rechargeable batteries enables the company to setup installations with high-quality input materials and equipment, long operational lifetime and high average yield per unit of installed power.

FILKAB Solar OOD develops complete engineering solutions in the field of renewable energy sources: research, analysis, planning, design, consulting services. It carries out construction and project management of photovoltaic power plants, autonomous and hybrid systems for own consumption, solar pumping systems.

MAK KAB DOOEL е-mail: office@makkab.mk

MAK KAB DOOEL is the first foreign company in the FILKAB group that offers products and services in the field of power generation in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Company performs, from its own facility, delivery, distribution and trade of cables and wires, cable fittings and accessories, tools, electrical equipment and automation devices, medium voltage transformers and equipment, lighting, electrical materials, modules and equipment for photovoltaic projects.

FILKAB - MIG DOO е-mail: office@filkab.sr

FILKAB - MIG DOO is a part of the group companies of FILKAB in Serbia. The company has been established to expand the business in the region by performing deliveries for large-scale projects in the fields of power generation, construction and communications within the country.

The company primarily carries out complete deliveries of products from leading European and global producers of cables and wires, cable fittings and accessories, tools, electrical equipment and automation devices, MV transformers and equipment, lighting, electrical materials, modules and equipment for photovoltaic projects.

FILKAB DISTRIBUTIE SRL е-mail: office@filkab.ro
For over a decade Filkab Distributie SRL has been dealing with a comprehensive supply of goods and services in the field of power generation and transmission in Romania, mainly performing deliveries for large projects on the territory of the country.

The company operates as a supplier of electrical products.
FILKAB Solar Enerji A.Ş. е-mail: office@filkabsolar.com.tr
FILKAB Solar Enerji A.Ş. is one of the new members of the FILKAB group of companies in the region. The company was established in 2014 with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.

The company offers engineering services, deliveries and PV farm construction in Turkey. As a subcontractor, the company works on the electrical and mechanical parts of photovoltaic power plants. It has completed several projects with installed capacity of over 70 MW in the country, with materials supply and electrical installations construction.

FILKAB Solar HU Kft. е-mail: offce@filkabsolar.hu
FILKAB Solar HU Kft. is the most recent foreign company in the FILKAB group. As a result of the enriched experience and the successful implementation of numerous photovoltaic projects, its incorporation is a natural step to the expansion of the Group’s business within the European Union. This subsidiary was registered in 2018 with a headquarter in Budapest, Hungary.

The newly established company is aimed to offer engineering services, complete delivery of equipment and setup of photovoltaic projects on the territory of Hungary. As a subcontractor, it will carry out works related to the implementation of the electrical, construction and mechanical completion of PV plants.

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